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We warmly welcome to our donations page

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We are welcoming donations to help us expand the reach of 'The Elders of Aodhagan'. If you are inspired by the work that we do at 'The Elders of Aodhagan', please do consider donating.


Every donation helps us to continue our work and bring ancient wisdom into the world at this time of great challenge (and opportunity) on our beautiful planet.

It is ancient wisdom that drives everything we do here within Aodhagan. With this in mind we offers a platform for long lost wisdom to speak in relation to the daily challenges that face our world today. We believe that ancient wisdom traditions;

faerytales; myths, legends and folklore (besides other such 'forgotten things')have as much relevance today as they did hundreds, or even thousands of years ago. Aodhagan also believes that in the 'present day', with our modern, rationalist approaches to life that seem to have rendered a vast swathe of contemporary society detached observers of the living world; leading to ecological destruction, war/conflict, societal and educational breakdown, to name but a few issues - we must turn and look towards the old ways in order to navigate our future path as a humanity.

For the old stories are being forgotten, the old lores are forsaken, and the mythologies are all but abandoned. We no longer listen to the Blackbird or Hare as they whisper their magic upon cool evening breezes; and fail to listen to the babble of the Brooke as it sings its enchanted songs.

Some may say that a people without myths and stories, and an ear to hear the Blackbird, Brooke and Hare are living but a half life.

For the first time in centuries, our humble BoneHouse will give a platform for ancient wisdom to speak at the level at which important decisions are made about our world; giving people the opportunity to learn this wisdom, the songs, the myths, the stories and legends; hearing this ancient wisdom with a new ear, and seeing it with a new eye.  


We will provide a platform to enable and empower individuals to learn the language and wisdom of the old ways, and consequently act from the heart to help change our reality. Certainly, there has never been a more urgent time on our planet to hear what the ancients had to say and to engage with its guidance today.


We welcome any support you may be able to give at this time in order to help us grow 'The Elders of Aodhagan' into the future and to make a difference in how we engage with our precious world.

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