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My name is Jay Livingstone and I am tender of the flame and guardian of the sacred fire of Aodhagan. The Elders of Aodhagan and I have been waiting for you for a very long time. The spirit of Aodhagan made himself (for he has presented to me in the male form) known to me during a deep, initiatory ceremony in Malta many years ago. 

Over the past two decades I have been on a profound initiatory journey, which has taken me deep into the underworld; passing through the fire I have returned with teachings and understanding.

I now work with the Elders of Aodhagan as tender and guardian of the sacred flame; offering myself as a guide to support others on their own initiatory journey. This journey always takes place in communion with the Elders. You can read more about my personal journey below:

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Wanted or unwanted, bidden or unbidden, initiation comes. ​Several years ago I received my initiation from Aodhagan, and both the Fire and the Elders have been my continuous companions in my life ever since. 

From time beyond time lands uncharted and forgotten, a dawn storm entered the room,

Sister Leaf, Brother Twig, Sister Wind, Brother Rain heralding arrival

Shadow swirl, translucent, forming, a messenger had come.


Fully formed, seated proud, perching on footboard

Ruffling deep, dark feather, sharpening razor beak, Brother Crow made himself known

A million years in single tympanic beat of heart

Brother Crow's inky black stare fixing gaze

In silent communion, in silent knowing, falling deeply into abyss-ful eye

A hundred, million worlds simultaneously exploding from inky black 

Filling the depths of my Soul.

Cocking of head, Daemonic glint exploding forth with mercurial quickness

filling mind with luminescence, knowledge, and invitation

Holding wing, soaring high, we fly to the ends of Mother Earth, Father Time, and beyond

Falling into inky blackness, the journey had begun.

Falling, falling, for eternity and a day

North is South, South is North

Stripped bare

Landing, leaf and bracken embracing naked body 

Twilight wrapping her cloak around my skin

Wolf, Bear, Eagle, Tree, Mountain, Stream witnessing arrival to this betwixt place

Welcomed to paths never trod.

Crack of Brother Twig, softness of Sister Grass

Supported by Mother Earth, witnessed by Father Sky

Naked skin bathed in starlight robe

Sister Night and Brother Day blending their energies as one

Held by elements, wondering alone for a year and a day

Inky blackness consuming mind, taking me to the edge of madness

Until on the night that followed I arrived

Space cleared, kindling stacked, wood fetched, fire built, tinder torch ablaze.

Then he arrived once more, Brother Crow

Ruffling of feather, sharpening of beak

Sitting by me in the stillness, opening mouth, uttering enchanted tales of sacred magic

And in the listening, blackness surrendered its grip to blinding white

Then silence surrounded me, coursing through Heart and Soul

I looked for him, but Brother Crow had departed.

Standing tall in the silence, grasping torch, kindling to wood

Springing to life with the ferocity of a million suns pushed inky blackness out of time and space

Fire and smoke penetrating senses, entering skin, bone, and lung

Crackles deafening ears, Aodhagan was alive, we were alive.

Elders gathered, the pipe filled and passed, smoke of understanding filling my essence

Swirling in lung, burning eyes, bringing tears, illusion was washed away

For a millennium and a day the fire was tended, sacred ceremony held

For Millennium and a day did Aodhagan speak.

Sacred Rowan, Apple, Dogwood, Juniper, Pine, Holly and Oak

Walking coals, breathing smoke, purified inside and out.

Then did Brother Crow once more arrive

Obsidian eye, and open beak

Imparting one more tale of enchantment did he speak

Holding wing, soaring high, stars become our destination

Quickening, the room in which I started at dawn did materialise

Sun now clamouring with haste through the window.

Brother Crow, what had happened I did ask

Fixing me with knowing stare, head cocked, glint springing forth

Except no longer a sparkle but a flame, the flame of Aodhagan.


My experience with Aodhagan has given me many insights and understanding.

Through this wisdom, Aodhagan has enabled me to navigate changing times with greater fortitude.

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