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1-2-1 Support, Mentoring and Coaching

'Into the Norse Wilderness - A Day with Jay', are you ready to transform your life?

Come, come gather in the sacred groves of the NorseMen and the Old Crones with the sparkling blue eye who gather at midnight to praise the Raven King.

Jay and the Elders of Aodhagan invite you to spend the day on the magical hills of Malvern (UK). During this day we:

  • walk the hills listening to their ancient songs and magic;

  • read stories of the land written in the bark of trees;

  • visit the sacred groves of Yew, Oak; Hawthorn and Hazel; 

  • contemplate stories told by the inhabitants of the land;

  • commune with the Tree and Stone Folk who live on the hills;

  • seek the blessings and council of the Vaettir, Land Wights, and Gods and Goddesses;

  • talk to the sacred wells and springs, seeking out their wisdom and favour

and more...


This is an interactive dayin which we will be walking, talking, drumming, rattling, telling stories, singing great songs and more. Each day spent upon the hills will differ to some extent, this is due to:

  • the day being tailored to the issue that you bring to the walk. 

  • the season and weather that we walk in

  • the flowers, trees and landscapes that we walk through

  • and where you are personally (physically, emotionally and spiritually) within your journey.

This is a whole day event (roughly 6 hours) and may involve some challenging terrains and therefore, outdoor clothing is essential,


As we will be walking in all weathers it your responsibility to wear appropriate clothing for the day.

A journey of self discovery with Jay Livingstone

CertEd, Cert Man, MSc, BEng (Hons), VTCT, Shamanic Practitioner

with full and current advanced DBS 

(click here to read more Disclosure and Barring Service)  

The fires have been lit, the mead horns have been filled.

The offerings have been made, and the Gods and Goddesses of 'the Old Ways'

have been honoured

Will you come to the feasting hall?

Will you take a seat by the hearth?

Will you look deep into the blazing fires?

Will you stay until the the embers glow cold?

And will you listen to the voices of the deities?

During these sessions we will work with traditional techniques of the 'Northern Path' including:

  • the nine sacred questions of the Norse Seeress

  • guided meditations & journeys

  • contemplations and deep reflection

  • the great 'Norse Tree', the mother Yew - Yggdrasil

  • urlogs and the wyrd

  • the nine Norse worlds of the 'Great Mother'

  • myths, stories, sagas and the Edda's

  • runes, oracular cards and sigils

  • the seven Norse souls

  • the sacred wells of the 'Norse Tree'

  • the Norse Gods, Goddesses and deities

  • labyrinths and ancestral work

  • sacred songs, chants, sonifications and galdr

and more...

About our work together

  • each day is tailored to your specific needs. You are asked to bring something to the walk that you wish to work through, seek guidance on and explore. 

  • as we walk the sacred landscape we will enquire, explore, meditate, journey and seek medicine in relation to your question/enquiry.

  • walks are fluid; sometimes we will journey, other times we will talk, sometimes we will tell great stories, and other times, something else may happen....



Does not include lunch

The work which we will be undertaking together is extremely deep, and therefore a consultation is required before our 1-2-1 session(s) beginThis is to ensure that this kind of work is appropriate and beneficial for you

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