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Heart, Soul and the New Earth Human

Deep relating with Gaia - A 6-Month Journey

with Dr Louise Livingstone & Jay Livingstone

Blended online learning - video lectures and monthly live seminars via Zoom

Tuesdays 7.30pm to 9.00pm UK Time: (2025) 4th Feb, 4th Mar, 8th April, 6th May, 17th Jun, 15th Jul


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The giant cauldron Óðrerir is bubbling, brewing and steaming.

please check back later when Kvasir has been birthed

For now, Kvasir sleeps

The giant cauldron Óðrerir is bubbling, brewing and steaming.

please check back later when Kvasir has been birthed

For now, Kvasir sleeps

The giant cauldron Óðrerir is bubbling, brewing and steaming.

please check back later when Kvasir has been birthed

For now, Kvasir sleeps

About this Course

In this course, in dynamic dialogue with the world, we sink deep into our hearts (the organ of the imagination), opening towards Gaia and her subjects as they speak to us through images and subtle expressions. In order to deeply connect to, and engage with, this ongoing conversation, we require a different mode of perception – the imagination. An imaginal mode of consciousness, made possible through our heart and our soul, is a way of knowing that honours inner intuitions and sensory experience. By opening to imaginal approaches, it becomes possible for us to develop a deep relationship with Gaia and her subjects, understanding the world as exquisitely alive – connecting through our heart and our soul to the living, breathing Earth that gifts us life.

Husband and wife, Jay and Louise Livingstone, have been consciously communicating with Gaia for well over two decades – creating ritual and leading sacred pilgrimage to honour Gaia, her power places and her subjects. Listening deeply to Gaia through their hearts, they have been guided on transformational journeys that have taken them all across the UK, and onwards to the mysterious islands of Malta and beyond (See Louise's 'Gallery' page here and Jay's Gallery here). Over the course of 6 months, Jay and Louise will guide and support you to open your hearts and re-connect with Gaia – deepening your relationship with the Great Mother and the more-than-human world through imaginal methodologies including Goethean enquiry, Heart Sense, Shamanic practices and other imaginal approaches including guided meditation/contemplation and drumming. On this transformational journey, you will deepen your relationship with the Earth and her subjects, supporting you to step into your rightful place as a New Earth Human.

This course is delivered online via Zoom and through a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) called Canvas; giving you access to video lectures and supporting resources. Please see module titles below. Click on the pdf brochure opposite to discover more:

  • Module 1: Answering the Call; Being Claimed

  • Module 2: Diving Deeper; the Relational World

  • Module 3: Rock and Gem; Wisdom of the Stone Spirits

  • Module 4: Plant and Tree; Wisdom of the Forest

  • Module 5: Wisdom of the Animal Kingdom

  • Module 6: Re-Turning to the World

Written piece – course participants are invited to write a piece at the end of the course, reflecting on their journey 

What you receive

  • All course materials

  • Online members area for discussion and support throughout the course

  • Over 18 hours of lecture videos

  • Monthly 'live' gatherings to reflect on the course materials - please note it is preferable that you commit to attending as many sessions as possible in order to receive the most from this transformational experience in loving relationship with Gaia

  • The benefit of Louise and Jay's three decades of teaching, mentoring and coaching experience with individuals and groups

  • Louise and Jay's three decades of experience and expertise working with the Earth and her subjects

  • Certificate of completion - giving you access to the level two Diploma

Your investment: Special introductory offer: £249


Please note that this course is deeply experiential, and as such, it can lead to personal transformation. To gain the most from this course, it is advisable to attend each monthly live session; this is because a great deal of the learning takes place in the sharing spaces.  For those who cannot attend the live sessions, there will be a recording available after the session has taken place (however, please be aware that this recording will only be of the opening contemplation and any theory/reflections shared by the course tutors - and not the participants themselves). In this sense, we are committed to protecting the online space for our learners. ​

Registration & joining instructions: Reserve your place by clicking on the button

(Please Note! payment is via the 'Heart Sense Research Institute - where you can pay and enrol for this course)  

We look forward to journeying with you!

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