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Dearest Dream Keepers & Earth Guardians, welcome to the fire. The ancestors have been waiting for you.  

Message from the Elders of Aodhagan

Welcome home, you have found your way here by listening to your soul. Come take your place by the fire, join the gathering, re-kindle the sacred flame, and listen as we speak of our dreams and visions for the whole of humanity. At Aodhagan we offer a sacred space for you to embark upon the deep journey of self-discovery to awaken the wisdom of the Dream Keeper and Earth Guardian that resides deep in your heart.

Message from Jay - tender and guardian of the sacred fire of Aodhagan

On behalf of the Elders of Aodhagan, welcome. My name is Jay, and I am honoured to have been entrusted as the guardian of the sacred fire of Aodhagan. I work with all Dream Keepers and Earth Guardians who come to Aodhagan, guided by the wisdom of the Elders of Aodhagan who I work closely with. Read more about my own initiatory journey with Aodhagan (by clicking here...)


A little more about Jay...

I am a teacher, researcher, internationally accredited therapist and Shamanic practitioner. For the past two decades I have worked with countless individuals and groups to support the awakening of innate wisdom, improvement of health and wellbeing, and facilitation of growth on all levels of being. As detailed above, I have been on my own deep initiatory journey with the Elders of Aodhagan to awaken my own innate wisdom and to heal at a soul level.

Working with the Elders of Aodhagan, I facilitate a safe, deep healing space within which you can start to discover the songs of your own soul. By listening to these songs and bringing them into your consciousness, deep transformative healing can begin.

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